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Sales/Leasing /Repair

Pearltainer can offer you for sale with any type of dry equipment in any part of the world you require. Because our container fleet is built to high-quality standards, and well maintained, you can confidently provide your shippers with Pearltainer equipment. Every container sold is cargo worthy and by our personal guarantee. Pearltainer can provide all sizes 20’, 40’, 40’HC for rentals and for sale at very competitive rates.

Our state of the art repair facility has the capacity to carry out all types of repairs and container modification according to your requirement in an efficient manner. With specialized equipment and personnel trained in the field, we offer timely and professional service at every time.


  • Sales for New/Used Marine cargo worthy container
  • Modification and conversion of 20’std to 10’, conversion of 20’ & 40’std to Open Top, conversion of 20’,40’,40’HC to Portacabin and Toilet purposes
  • Sea freight/Airfreight throughout the world for all type of Cargo
  • Overland transport within U.A.E and G.C.C country
  • Expert trade support for ferrous/ Nonferrous metal + Petroleum Product
  • Handling of Bulk + Vessel cargo at all ports in U.A.E
  • Chartering / Broking Services
  • Fuel supply for vessel and construction site at a very competitive price
  • Supply of New/Used Portacabin for rental and sale purposes for construction Site
  • Any other support services