It is now easy to choose a modular or portable building to accommodate any number of people – for any application. Whether you’re looking for extensive office space or a small stand-alone office, toilet facilities. We Pearltainer FZE has a building to fulfill your every need. The choice of versatile portable and modular buildings we supply can be adapted to meet the needs of almost any building use. Whether you decide to hire or buy, we’ll tailor your building to fulfill your individual requirements.

portable cabins

Portable Cabins

We have established a closer presence in the industry by fabricating  Cabins that are highly appreciated for its new and improved designs, perfect dimensions, anti-corrosive properties, durable and sturdy construction, more load tolerance and a superior interior that can be availed at competitive price bands.
We work in close cooperation with our clients to coordinate with their exacting requirements and to maximize their benefits. Our domain expertise and design efficiency lead us to a continual growth in both government and private sectors of the industry. Moreover, our position is strengthened by the technological advancements implemented at our modernized infrastructure. Our work set up equips our team members to draw important acquisitions across the country, including leading business entities.

The range comprises the finest Shipping Containers, Portable Cabins, and Portable Bunkhouse, having a high preference in the market. Hence we are recognized as a manufacturer of Portable Cabins, Supplier of Portable Cabins and best quality Portable Cabins, Office Container Cabins, Site Office Cabins for Office, Godowns (Storage), ATM, Mess, etc.


Pearltainer FZE provides refrigerated shipping containers which are the perfect solution for any goods requiring storage or transportation under regulated temperature and humidity conditions. They are
known as refrigerated shipping containers, they have a range of -25C to +25C, giving the client perfect conditions for both refrigeration and for items that need a certain ambient environment. Our refrigerated shipping containers have been specifically chosen by our team of experts which are mostly environmentally friendly units on the market. Available in 10′, 20′ and 40′ – standard or high cube sizes, these containers have a temperature range of -20°C to 20°C.
Pearltainer FZE Containers stocks both new and used refrigerated shipping containers for sale at our Sharjah and Mumbai depot.

Available in 10′, 20′ and 40′ – standard height and high cube – general purpose shipping containers can move cargo between any part of the world which are for safe and secure domestic storage or can be modified into a site office or portable workshop.
At Pearltainer FZE we take pride in our rigorous quality control procedures when sourcing new & used general purpose shipping containers. These procedures ensure that the general purpose
shipping container you choose will meet and exceed your expectations.